Publication Credits

Poetry, even when apparently most fantastic, is always a revolt against artifice, a revolt, in a sense, against actuality.
– James Joyce

The following is a list of where my works have been published or are forthcoming.

Well this doesn’t rhyme, instead of… by Marías at Sampaguitas (Jun. 30. 2019)

girl meets world by Marías at Sampaguitas (May. 31. 2019)

Haiku for my lover by Marías at Sampaguitas (May. 15. 2019)

Fornicating in the presence of god by Glass: A Journal of Poetry (Apr. 2019)

Simplicity in mind by Marías at Sampaguitas (Apr. 15. 2019)

A grove of spirits, Breathy motifs, Dear Young Black Person by Marías at Sampaguitas (Mar. 1. 2019)

In the beginning & The white man tells me to forget skin color by Yes Poetry (Jan. 28. 2019)

Hodor & Self-portrait as pie by Rhythm & Bones (Dec. 31. 2018)

Ode to my heart , Love is a new day
Instructions for Opening the heart by Bonnie’s Crew (Dec. 12. 2018)

Sea of forgetfulness & Continuous panging by Moonchild Magazine (Issue 4)

beyond this moment by Wilde Boy (Nov. 25. 2018)

release by Peculiars Magazine (Oct. 16. 2018)

burning bridges, heart disease & refugee by Five:2:One (Oct. 6. 2018)

attempts on my life by Ghost City Press (Oct. 2018)

Conversation between islands by Bone & Ink Sept. 30. 2018
(originally appeared in Spider Mirror Journal Aug. 2018)

Poet/Author Interview by The Ginger Collect (Sept. 29. 2018)

This poem is one of those composite expressions of love or hate or her
Haiku for my awakening
My darker half by Mojave Heart Review (Sept. 2018)

To My Future Daughter & What I Learned About Conversing by Newmag (Sept. 24. 2018)

Jamaican Duppy Story: A Sketch
Conditional templates by The Ginger Collect (Sept. 21. 2018)

Rippling consciousness by Awkward Mermaid (Sept. 16. 2018)

Celestial Sleeplessness & Jamaican Heat by The Cerurove (Sept. 6. 2018)

as a love story by Okay Donkey (Sept. 5. 2018)

Once upon a time there lived people minding their own business? by Neologism Poetry Journal (Aug. 31. 2018)

How to wrestle a storm by Montreal Writes (Aug. 31. 2018)

A Variable. A Choice by Empty Mirror (Aug. 17. 2018)

Trophy Love is Nothing but Shiny (reprint),
Shapes in the Clouds by Persian Sugar in English Tea, Vol III (Aug. 14. 2018)

On hating the Eve I didn’t know by The /tƐmz/ Review (Aug. 7. 2018)

Player one has entered the game
Predictive text says by Philosophical Idiot (Aug. 4. 2018)

Hearsay Rule & Still by Rose Quartz Journal (Aug. 3. 2018)

Every so often I expel by Rag Queen Periodical (Jul. 31. 2018)

When the Sickness is a Permanent Physical Thing by Burning House Press (Jul. 29. 2018)

Senses & The pink of summer by Bone & Ink (Jul. 8. 2018)

Fairytale by 8 Poems Journal (Jul. 2018)

Programme Terminated by TERSE.journal (Jun. 5. 2018)

Trophy Love is Nothing but Shiny by (May. 1. 2018)

Womyn is Phoenix. Is God by Enclave/Entropymag (Mar. 13. 2018)

What I mean when I say good morning,
never more and nothing now,
Oh the Likelihood of a Good Time
by Anti-Heroin Chic (Feb. 5. 2018)

Prelude by (Aug. 25. 2017)

Living and Dealing With a Disability by 12 Point Collective (2017)

Distance by Random Poem Tree (Feb. 28. 2017)

The Empire Strikes Back by Random Poem Tree (Feb. 28. 2017)

Monopolized by Whirlwind Magazine (Feb. 26. 2017)

The Islander Penitent by Whirlwind Magazine (Nov. 22. 2015)

The Gravity of Something New by RebirthofLisa (Aug. 24. 2015)

Empty Puppets by David Snape and Friends – The place to show off your hidden talents (May. 28. 2015)

Make it Organic Amongst The Rubble of Common Thought by Gulf Elite Mag (Dec. 10. 2014)

3 Life Lesson’s We Can Learn from Disney’s “Frozen” by Gulf Elite Mag (Dec. 3. 2014)

Don’t Just Think Outside The Box; Act Outside The Box by Gulf Elite Mag (Nov. 29. 2014)

Beauty Incarnate by The Language of Creativity (Oct. 31. 2012)