The Time I Saw President Barack Obama

THE President of the United States: Barack Obama.
THE President of the United States: Barack Obama.

April 8 – 9, 2015 saw the President of the United States visiting Jamaica. Now for everyone this was a wonderful event and time in history. On April 9, 2015, there was a Young Leaders Town Hall at the University of the West Indies and who would have figured, I was invited. After getting to the capital and going through security, I was finally seated inside expectantly awaiting the presence of one of the greatest men on planet Earth. The wait took HOURS… when finally something happened it was Tessanne Chin who started the show. Hitting us with song after song. Vibe after vibe and a little whine and “bare tings!”. Joined by entertainer Assassin a.k.a. Agent Sasco “dem shell dung di place yo!”

Introduction of the President was effectively carried out by Youth activist and leader, Aubrey Stewart. The crowd was in cheers and applause as he spoke and inspired. When finally on stage the President’s first words were “Wah gwaan Jamaica?!” I was in stitches – laughing, but it was really inspirational to see Jamaican culture swelling the tongue of such an influential international figure.

I sat in awe. Smiling. Eager. Interested. Inspired. Motivated. Filled with hope. This gentleman was truly charismatic – a force to reckon with. After a short but fitting and appropriate speech, the question and answer section followed and persons were given the chance to ask or comment about what was on their mind and hear the President’s response. Then there was the walk-around and shake hand vibe. Heights of epic!

The day was long, really, really, really long… but it was worth it. This day in history will be forever lodged in my mind. Though I am not necessarily a fan of politics or international relations, listening to the passion in THE President’s voice while he spoke and responded to questions, sparked that inkling in my mind to do a little exploration for it was truly a gripping and compelling afternoon.

Big Up President Obama.

To view more pictures of the event follow the link

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