Trod to Gravity

I am a poet. Did I tell you?

So I was asked why my stage name was Gravity and I was like
*singing* You ain’t ready for this!!!!!!!!

1. A noun.
2. The force that pulls objects in the universe towards each other.
3. Extreme importance; Seriousness.

I’m a creativist. My mind transcends words and encompasses the visual, the performing, the motivational. I see in sentences, pens, pencils, paints, movements and voices that combine into one word


It’s the seriousness of this that I gravitate towards, for it pulls me like the force to meditate upon. I draw art towards me, spit words and rhymes, watch dances unfold and listen voices entwine and harmonize into what is life…

I am that opposite. The necessary you can’t comprehend. I blend not with what society accepts. I push, pull and ache to CREATE. I am Creator. Diviner. Producer. Director. Actor. Comedian. Scriptwriter. Playmaker. Videographer. I am all encompassing. My visions of the world depict arts untold. Touch thoughts ‘de-brained.’ I echo, shake and strangle the consciousness of normal for difference is key. You will never understand the depths to which my craft extends and I pen script upon script of words that shatter perceptions and strum tendons…dripping red inspiration. Life force.


Be Kind and Share…


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