How to Believe You are Better

Believe Better? YES. #IamGRAVITY
Believe Better? YES.

You are amazing. You are special. You are the best.

The world should bow down to you, pay homage, lay red carpets beneath your feet and worship at the essence of your very being. Now don’t get too judgmental I’m not promoting any form of heavenly exaltation, just simply highlighting the need to see yourself as that star shooting across skies dark, illuminating the canvas of life.

The right attitude can move mountains and allow one to achieve, achieve, achieve.
The simplest way to have the right attitude is to think “I’m me and that, is more than enough.”
It may seem highly ridiculous but what if it isn’t?

One way to achieve that on point attitude is to Structure. What’s that?
A building? Science? Hierarchy? Giving form or order to a thing?
How about all of the above? Things work better when in a coherent organized format. Even if you’re a messy person who does things randomly and haphazardly, there’s some order to your madness even if only you can understand it. All you need to do is find your method and stick to it.

Now with your plan in place, what are your goals and how do you achieve them?
This, is Attainment, the reaching for, grappling after, walking towards those objectives you laid out. It’ll take time. It’ll be hard, but remember ‘you are amazing! You are special! You are the best!’ and hence long and hard don’t stand to defeat you. The world can’t hold you back, for the vision of attaining your dream is only the first step towards all the strides you will make.

Eventually, but not finally, you will see the results of the sweat, tears and heartache you’ve put in. You’ve muscled through the sleepless nights, gargled coffee more times than air and now the brew is ready. Achievement is the only thing to gain and the only way forward now is up. Success! Can you taste its succulent juices yet?
Smell its sweet savor? Feel it caressing your skin? Breathing down your neck?

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale Again.
Oxygen of success. CO2 of rewards.
It’s growing. Larger. Bigger. Wider.

It’s Y…O…U…

Be Kind and Share…


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