Gripping at Dreams

It is better to not click publish, than to output bad content.

I see this blogging advice all over the internet and while it may be true, when the urge to write presents itself what else can one do but write? It is that simple, and often termed inspiration.

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Inspiration is the light bulb that pops up right before any piece of art – good or bad – is created. It is the beginning of a moment and the ending of any dry spell. It is the gel, which forges ideas into words and the force through which it is eventually said. Inspiration, is that hold on our thoughts that the mind cannot cope without.

Now, I don’t know if me writing now is due to inspiration, for it seems inspiration is a fleeting non-existent in my life. Inspiration fails me repeatedly. Life is full of many things that for some prove inspiring; my life however, is filled with the results of thoughts in my surroundings. The world’s majority lies in failure. I believe I border somewhere in the middle. I want to lean more towards inspiration, life often gives you failures first. Failure is to help you learn and allow you to make better choices the next time around. Inspiration on the other hand feeds the ability to continue onto heights of greatness. So you can see my dilemma when all that greets me every morning is a big fluffy pillow of failure, saying go back to sleep, you’re not worth it anyway. I would give up the world just to have a flicker of inspiration breeze through my window or see it reflected if only fleetingly in my mirror. It sounds morbid and pessimistic I know. The truth often does.

Inspiration. If it grips you, you’re golden and on you’re way to triumphing over your dreams. I say dreams, and not struggles, for struggles are the least of your worries. Your dreams and goals will be the hardest to accomplish for everything and anything can hinder you. It is what you do with those hindrances that makes you triumphant. What you take from your failures and struggles is what drives inspiration over the edge and allows it to jet off into horizons unseen, and those are your dreams waiting to become reality.

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