May is Child’s Month

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Smaller than an adult
Bigger than a babe
Is what you are
and will be celebrated in
child’s month each day.

They say the month of May is yours
so may I have your attention please?
For I’m here to tell you all the great
and wondrous things that you can achieve…

Firstly, you may be anything you wish
pilot, doctor, teacher, even ophthalmologist
you may get good grades and win competitions
you may be the valedictorian at the next graduation
you may travel the world after getting your education
you may be anything you wish, just master your vocation.

Your vocation right now is being
a child and a good student at that
focus on these things, and your dreams will become fact.

Pay attention to your teachers, parents and elders,
always be respectful, it’ll make you the better.

May you achieve and be great.
May your life conquer the stakes.
May you always be safe.
May you live out your days.
May you murder negativity and resurrect positive ways.
May you always and forever be, a child in good fate.

© Gervanna Stephens

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7 thoughts on “May is Child’s Month

  1. This is an AWESOME poem G. May i have permission to recite it to my students on the 15th – National Children’s Day. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaase. #smiling

    Liked by 1 person

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