Empty Puppets by Gervanna “Gravity” Stephens

I was featured on “David Snape and Friends.”
Have a read and also check out his blog – http://davidsnape.me/

David Snape Show - Bourne and Beyond

Push my buttons, string me along; make me dance or sing a song. Heart beats fast, I’m under your spell. I’m an empty puppet, but no one can tell.

We are all under the control of one thing or the other. Whether it’s our religion, the government, the education system, the materialistic concept of the world or the idealistic nature of our society, we are all led by something. We oft are voiceless puppets for we never truly understand why we lean more towards a particular fad or why we fall prey to consumer advertising whether directly or indirectly. We let emotions rule us from time to time not paying much attention to the concept posed by Elizabeth Kenny that “he who angers you, conquers you.” We need to perceive our surroundings differently, not be influenced by the corporations, the media, the church or even the school system. Not be…

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