Gripping Back

Today marks TWO MONTHS since my 1st post on this blog “Gripping Black.

Now since then, I’ve gotten over 50 likes and about 30 or so followers.
I don’t blog for the likes, comments or even followers, but it is a lovely and much appreciated gesture that people read my writing.

So in the past two months, I’ve recognized a few things about myself, those around me and the writing process overall.

Here goes…

✔ I’m one course closer to gaining my Master’s degree.

✔ I’ve learned that good things come to those who wait and those who don’t.

✔ I’m realizing that brainstorming actually requires time and effort.

✔ I’ve realized that Asia is where my destiny lies (need to start learning the different languages).

✔ Network marketing is not easy in the slightest.

✔ I’m officially as nonchalant as a rock (shrugs).

✔ Working against the tide doesn’t always get you the best of results.

✔ “Professional” environments are simply tenement yards in suit and ties.

✔ Ears are in the air.

✔ Maturity is a state of mind many persons have yet to attain to.

✔ I need to develop the skills of Sherlock Holmes.

✔ Life leeches only as you allow.

✔ I like the idea of a baker’s dozen.

So far has this blog done what I intended it to do? Mhm…Uhm…?
Honestly, I had no preconceived ideas when I decided to start blogging again,
so ultimately I’m on the fence, yes and no.

Gripping Black

Hold onto the deepest parts of yourself.
The unpleasant and the unholy, for they are markers by
which to judge your progress – Gervanna “GRAVITY” Stephens.

Be Kind and Share…

#TidbitTuesdays by Gervanna GRAVITY Stephens
#TidbitTuesdays by Gervanna GRAVITY Stephens

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