If at First…

Photo Credit: iammrfancy.com
Photo Credit: iammrfancy.com

That’s how the popular saying goes isn’t it? We’ve been taught all our lives to:

Never give up.

Never throw in the towel.

Never be a quitter.

Never settle for anything less than your best.

We’ve been taught to grind and grind and grind and grind to “fulfill” our debt to society. We’ve been taught that it’s okay to work for someone else, to suck up to teachers and preachers and managers, because that’s how the world works. We’ve been taught that the cookie has to crumble. We’ve been taught to be seen and not heard. We’ve been taught to exist not live. To have blind faith and belief. We’ve been taught to be die-hard band wagonists. We’ve been taught…

But here’s a new approach to that lesson you’ve learned:

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Then quit.
There’s no point in being a damn fool about it. – W.C. Fields

It’s time we rise up and realize that those same persons who are telling us what our places in society are, wear the face of our bosses and politicians. They’d love us to listen to them forever so that they can prevent us being any better than they have become. They depend on our laziness and fear and obedience to fatten their pockets. They rely on us always seeing ourselves at the bottom of the food chain so that we never climb up or jump the hurdles to success.

It’s high time we rise up as the words of Jamaican Hero Marcus Garvey admonish:

“Up, you mighty race, accomplish what you will.”

For no one will fight for you. Everyone’s struggle is different, for though collective, it’s personal and intimate, but it needs to fought:

“If you canโ€™t fly then run, if you canโ€™t run then walk, if you canโ€™t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

If at first you don’t succeed…TRY DOING IT YOUR WAY!

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16 thoughts on “If at First…

  1. What if the people are part of the problem? If people saw they could sit down and do nothing, for the small sliver called freedom, and they sacrificed it? If people weren’t creative enough to do it their way, so they look at the box, ever trying to reach into a dark abyss to pull out hope, unwittingly shunning the light they could shine to see exactly what was in there?

    I like your view.

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    1. Paul, I just realized that I never replied to this comment *hides face* SORRY!
      So, if the people themselves are the problem then, there is so much you can do for them and no more. Until they see the light and are willing to give up themselves and sacrifice for the greater development of man, then they will never reach the depths of their creativity if ever discovering it.
      We will never see inside the box till we step on it and completely destroy its corners.

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  2. Have always been different. Am as stubborn as a mule (yes, have actually dealt with those animals before) You just have to convince them that you are the one in charge! Never thought in side a box, that is to limiting to me. I think best with a good book up in a tree!

    Have never quit willingly before. Was not the one that retreated from the state of CO with family and possessions (including out 2 cats) in tow. Suiting is not in my vocabulary. Didn’t get to the “v”s when reading the dictionary. Was not that voracious. Just learn words as I come across them.

    Have returned to writing via typing since my handwriting is illegible now. But I still write!
    Jeanette Hall

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    1. Hey Jeanette! It’s lovely to meet you. Thanks for reading this post first of all and commenting too. I really appreciate it. The box should be stepped on I think. Thinking is beyond that relic – LOL. Quitting is never good so yay you for never willingly doing so. #Awesome. I don’t particularly like cats though – blah. Prefer wild endangered species that I can never have – LOL. Suiting is not in my vocabulary either – EVER! I’m more laidback get me a t-shirt and sneakers and I’m good to go. Even if I don’t have a pen, just hit me up with anything or where that I can think and reproduce in text or via phone/tablet/computer. Continue writing!


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