Escapes & Adventures


She dashed off.
At the speed of ‘Bolt – the Beast.’ Lines white could not contain feet pummeling toward finish line – life’s death. Sights missed her as she with resolve firm, made her way onwards – running from the ills that could befall ┬áher youth.

Escape was necessary.

Adventure was essential.

Come with me on a journey of forever into eternity.
Close eyes, slow breathing, lax muscles and free fingers.
Lose yourself – bruise your safety nets and dive
headfirst into imagination abounding.
Tilt your head just a bit.
Up to me.
Follow my voice.
Follow your heartbeat.
Follow your destiny.

Escape into the adventure of a precipice of dangerous exceptions and perceptions.
Expectations bring vicarious decisions of breeding thoughts and hurting sighs.
Lost to black faces drowned by white supremacists using different whips and chains in business entities representing plantations of old.

Escape into the adventure of a dark cavernous hole of reality versus fantasy.
Life is full of rights and humans proclaim to give them to all, but fate forgoes the ethnicities that are darker, yellower, brown, off-white.
The difference of texture and dermis covering, levels a target on backs innocent or guilty – the case often never gets proven.

Escape into the adventure of a pot bubbling. Seasoned with salt and pepper.
Black blood from tired souls enslaved to work and labour for the man.
Mixed substances of life – mongrel. Tainted. Tarnished.
Escape the woes and cries and sighs and shots and tears.
Wipe your eyes.
Seek adventure pure. To end forever the gore of slavery – mental and physical.
To end forever the hatred of perceptions – emotion and acceptance.
To end forever the fear – in your eyes, mind and smiles.
To change your thoughts rather than just words on paper.

For I am fire, blasting and burning, bombing and scorching.
I am a storm, soaking and drowning, blowing and whistling.
I am the escapist through words.
The adventurer with time who travels by syllables within a cycle defined by you, the better –┬áthe Other.
I strike escapism from the bondage of an adventure of life that seeks only to shackle my resolve whether I believe in it or not.

Photo Credit: Created Gravity Expressions "Puddle Me" by Gervanna Stephens
Photo Credit: Created Gravity Expressions “Puddle Me” by Gervanna Stephens

Escape is necessary.

Adventure is my essential.

Never let the puddles of the journey do more than splash you.

Never pause. Don’t stop.

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