Hold to Precedence

It has been over a week since my last post,
and I apologize heartily to those who follow Gripping Black.

Photo Credit: http://genius.com/Evanescence-going-under-lyrics#note-1870020
Photo Credit: http://genius.com/Evanescence-going-under-lyrics#note-1870020

Life took precedence…

I was pushed and shoved down by the intricacies of what inhaling and exhaling meant.
Lost for breath as task after task was flung at me, holding me down to recollections of sweat and being tired and being aggravated by decision making.

Oh the struggle!

To make ends meet, and I’m talking mind over matter functions.
To breathe easy, and I mean slow, deep, breaths.
To write freely, and I wish paper would appear and ink would stain pure.

But life takes precedence. It is more important than that late night phone call.
More demanding than a hundred students crying out “miss! miss! miss!”
More unstructured than juggling work, school, writing and performing.
Life is at its best, the worst possible love and friend to grace the earth.
Death being second of course for one would rather struggle than not exist.

Hold to precedence.

It steers you. Guides you. Tugs at the strings of your heart chords
of a harmony breaking silence on discussions bordering love/hate.

Hold to precedence.

You can do it. Hard though it may be. Rough and tough.
Strike first. Strike repeatedly.
Ask forgiveness and be willing to live with the demons of your past.
Recognizing always that now, is the only time that matters.

Be Kind and Share…


6 thoughts on “Hold to Precedence

  1. wow. I swear I felt your energy and anxiety in this. GOODNESS can I relate to being tired and aggravated by decision making. It’s such a daunting task and its overwhelming for so many reasons. Struggling to make ends meet in the mind – wow! To breathe easy, and I mean slow, deep, breaths – I wrote a message on Facebook many moons ago about how I feel like we run through life with so much anxiety that we rarely stop to just breathe. I love this and I hope you’re feeling a calm now.

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    1. Glad you loved it and could relate. Its good when writing can be experienced on a deeper level. Isn’t that life now a days though? Races to the finish line. It’s sad, but true. Yes, now I am content.

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  2. Hi!
    Thank you so much for following my blog. Did you know that I am a teacher too? I could totally relate to your post–the part about the students calling you especially.
    I am will be posting more when I return home this week.

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