Sticky Notes: Convergence

Sticky Notes is a new short blog attack where Gravity will rant/comment/relay snippets of expressions that are of note and share them with Gripping Black from July 13 – 17, 2015.

Stick ’em up! Paste ’em there. Let the ‘note brieflys’ taint the air. Simple right? Convergence occurs… When glue touches paper, paper attaches to surface bare. When ideas pop out head and become fragrant in the air, air to keystrokes, to blog notes and posts. Convergence… like when I reach for you and you let me in … like when you hold my hand and I feel your pulse within … like the sun’s heat on a baked day. Convergence… like lines in the distance.

Photo Credit: Created Gravity Expressions “Convergence” by Gervanna Stephens
Photo Credit: Created Gravity Expressions “Convergence” by Gervanna Stephens

And it’s funny how it was my younger sister that named and even made my keep this picture, for I thought it was almost a waste of digital space. It stuck though and I grew to appreciate the creativity behind the concept of convergence for we’ll converge on ends best left stuck to notes of me, my brain and you.

Be Kind and Share…


2 thoughts on “Sticky Notes: Convergence

  1. First i would like to thank you for dropping by for a read, secondly once again for the follow. Thank your sister making you keep the photo, may have been a muse, hidden with all the other old stuff, from memories in yesterday…

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