So Rich over at WaffleMeThis did a #TidbitTuesdays post and I realize I do that over on my Facebook page, but not here and he being an awesome blogily friend said I needed to jump in queue.

So over the past 9 Tuesdays since May 19 – July 21 (I only missed one Tuesday),
I’ve posted short quotes via Facebook (go click like – if you want).

Here goes:


Photo Credit: May 19 www.facebook.com/gravitystephens
Photo Credit: May 19


Photo Credit: May 26 www.facebook.com/gravitystephens
Photo Credit: May 26


Photo Credit: June 2 www.facebook.com/gravitystephens
Photo Credit: June 2

#4 – In the end, that’s all you need…the motivation.

Photo Credit: June 9 www.facebook.com/gravitystephens
Photo Credit: June 9

#5 – Introspection is heights of AWESOME!!!

Photo Credit: June 16 www.facebook.com/gravitystephens
Photo Credit: June 16


Photo Credit: June 23 www.facebook.com/gravitystephens
Photo Credit: June 23


Photo Credit: July 7 www.facebook.com/gravitystephens
Photo Credit: July 7


July 14
Photo Credit: July 14 http://www.facebook.com/gravitystephens

#9 – ‪#‎TidbitTuesdays‬ expresses today the need to roar and
attack and let loose that animal wild in you – POUNCE!

Photo Credit: July 21 www.facebook.com/gravitystephens
Photo Credit: July 21

Be Kind and Share…

P.S. I’ll share my #TidbitTuesdays in sets of 3 after this.


19 thoughts on “#TidbitTuesdays

  1. Reblogged this on wafflemethis and commented:
    An introduction. Gravity is one of my newer followers but is fast turning into a friend. She does a tidbit tuesday post on Facebook and all though her tidbits are inspirational quotes instead of our shenanigans I invited her along to meet the community. If you don’t already follow Gravity check out her great blog and welcome her heartily ☺☺


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