Writing to GRIP

Gripping Black by Gravity
Gripping Black by Gravity

What is Gripping Black?

I’m a “Black” Jamaican who loves writing and expression.
I try to be as creative as possible and try my best to write
pieces that’ll strike interest in readers.

I want my writing to “grip” readers.

Ergo, “Gripping Black.”

Today, I cut a circle from an 8×11.5″ blank sheet of typing paper
for an activity in my Master’s class (I’ll show you guys the circle after class).

Everyone has potential,
Has a gift, and their desires minister to other.
If we encourage others,
We ourselves can be encouraged.
As an educator, we make impossibles possibles.
We show the world that everything can come to fruition.

Circles from squares are a reality.

Gripping Black is one possibility for me.

Be Kind and Share…


17 thoughts on “Writing to GRIP

      1. I could have done with that to wake up to this morning. I’m working days this week where as I always work nights so getting up this morning was no fun at all it might have motivated☺

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