Moats and Guns

Music inspires.

I sit listening to Train, Beyonce, Bastille etc.,
and I keep thinking up heights of perceived greatness
to touch shields and dent swords through eyes
yearning for battle and power and the drive to conquer
end up the victor, strike hard and fast,
cause we tough, rough and tough, hard
too politically correct to be defined.

Politicians grin and cross fingers behind backs,
ministers shout hallelujah only to fornicate from pulpits
teachers, mark and mark and mark, hating their job all the time
and the freelancer loves what he/she does, wishing for more pay.

Can’t please the world
makes no sense to try.
Rejection notes should motivate you from the tips of your toes
whether or not you deserve the blast of refusal
use it to cock your gun and aim.

Eye on the prize?

Stance ready?

Exhale… and pull the trigger.

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