Things Go Bump In the Night

And you thought monsters didn’t exist…

I heard it then – the thud. It lasted only but a second and that proved to be the most disarming second of my life. I wanted to make a run for it, beeline from my mattress and out the grilled window. Impossible situations make me frantic, crazy even. I never know when they are going to come for me. The debt to be repaid requires my blood, a lot of my blood.

There it was again! That doggone sound. Fear built like bile in my throat and I jumped then, off the bed and ran straight to the kitchen. Grabbing a chopping knife, I whirled around and turning on a light as I passed, shadows retreated. The time dragged on, I felt powerless against the faults of my own wiles. The situation at hand was my own doing. Lust was stalking me, ready to claim the side dish of sexual favours promised. I couldn’t combat desire, want or need; the ache in the pit of my stomach bordered on fear and sexual anticipation. My weapons of defense were few and useless even. Flirting was too much work and my feminine wiles were all spent up in other areas of life. My mind was all I had as bait – my poetry, my words and how I made the monsters of life sound enticing. That would just have to do I decided and turned off the light, heading back to bed.

The wind whipped the curtains draped over my window. I could feel its coolness on my skin, it felt like you and I closed my eyes, a soft moan sliding between my lips. Strange. Stupid even that the breeze would remind me of your fingertips, their softness, their warmth and their greediness.

Again the thud came and my eyes flew open to see the shadow advancing…

*to be continued*

Photo Credit: Created Gravity Expressions “Dark Vantage” by Gervanna Stephens
Photo Credit: Created Gravity Expressions “Dark Vantage” by Gervanna Stephens

Copyright © 2015 by Gervanna Stephens.  All rights reserved. This episode or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author.

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