Nobody But You

Now, I’m not a groupie, but who remembers when Zayn Malik of One Direction said hey, I’m done? Did the group stop singing? No. Did they break down? Maybe, I don’t know. Did they lose fans? Yes, maybe. So what? Why is this post necessary?
For this reason and this song –

Oftentimes, there are people and corporations in our lives that seek only to drag us down not physically of course, because we’d refute such attempts and fight back. They drag us down by trying to make us believe that we can’t do without them, that they are irreplaceable, that we need their input, their talent, their contacts to succeed.

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So here it is! Truth finally. Raw and pure and unbiased.

You DO NOT need them!

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Of course, no man is an island, but YOU CAN STAND ALONE.

It’s pointless allowing people to leech your dreams because they feel entitled or professional or like it’s a job. No! It’s not worth it. It doesn’t work out in the long run and you’ll be the only one left standing to pick up the pieces of your extorted situation.

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and OTHERS! to finish the quote.

The true individual is revealed when he/she is down and out on their luck and what they meditate on in this instance and choose to do was in their heart all along, cuddled by their mind, just waiting to pounce upon a person unexpectedly.

In this instance, how do you react?

You feel you need them, as a matter of fact, they are valuable. What do you do?

Recognize that no one or entity should dictate to your dreams, and allow them in the process to walk away, because that toxic “want all” mentality will benefit neither you or them. They just don’t see it yet.

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And it will come for you, if you let go of those who fail to appreciate your vision.

Nobody can drag you down!

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6 thoughts on “Nobody But You

      1. SalleMae (loan provider) – they are currently holding me down by making me feel as if maintaining my good credit score is worth restricting my creative freedom. In other words, I am scared to take a chance on me that involves losing financial stability lol.

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