The Gravity of Something New

Thank you Lisa for featuring me!
#Gravitons & #Blogily, check this out. #Guest Post.
The Gravity of Something New.

Lisa W. Tetting

The Gravity of Something New

Reserved is my nature
Nurture my nature and pet my tales
of life on the line in creating and levity.
A word stained with the trepidation it brings to me and stubbornness it exudes within.

Social and Nice, are never words readily used to describe me by people who don’t know me beforehand, but since I’ve started performing, I realize after much prodding by the little dragons on either shoulder that those two words are NECESSARY.
Ergo, my something new, is a matter of personality, and since I’ve started blogging again, I’ve interacted with some of the nicest people on the web and it’s rubbing off for sure! Lol.

Thanks Lisa for this guest posting opportunity, you’re a GEM!

Here’s how this trial and error of mine played out:

I aim to smile more – light up world with lips curved upwards: grin.

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