Side Thoughts: Can’t Feel My Face

Premonitions. Expect it.
Worrying gets you no where.
Loneliness is a figment of your imagination.

Limbs numb when your presence nears
and heart palpitates. A chest resounding
with feelings loud, echoing, clear.

I can never judge my expressions when you’re around.

I love it!

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4 thoughts on “Side Thoughts: Can’t Feel My Face

      1. Google has an answer for everything and when it doesn’t it changes your question and asks did you mean and give you answers hahaha

        Sometimes I think we are outsourcing our minds to google *scary thought*

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      2. Lol. That’s a thought you know! I wonder! But suppose we are, maybe it ain’t such a bad precedent. If more ppl accepted better suggestions to their queries less ignorance would exist.

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