Marcus Bird on C.R.E.A.T.E

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C.R.E.A.T.E presents Marcus Bird
C.R.E.A.T.E presents Marcus Bird

He is a “Creativist” in these ways:- Film, Writing and Design!

What do you love about creativity?

Creativity is a glimpse into the invisible world inside you. From the formless stuff in our minds, anything can pop out. Books, great photo projects, or videos. If I was to love something about creativity, it is how you feel when you make something new. Something you really like that came literally, from nowhere.

What inspires your creative form?     

Usually random things. I think I need to create many more things to properly answer this question. But in terms of what I’ve done so far, which is writing, photography and film: I guess for me I just draw from experience and take notes from people who do it way better than me as a reference point. Being “creative” is a bit broad in terms of answering. But I try and think of what I’m doing in terms of what hasn’t been done. I will ask myself “has this been done yet?” and if it hasn’t, then I’m on the right track, because at the very least whatever it is I’m creating will be reasonably unique. But inspiration is a tricky word. I will say finally that I get inspired mostly when I see the level someone can take an idea to. I went to a museum just outside of Tokyo once in a place called Hakone and the entire museum was filled with the works of Picasso. One man did enough work to fill that museum. So creative form and inspiration come from that inside place, but the true shape of it is pushed by what I’ve seen and where I think it can go if molded properly.

How have you show cased or do you plan to show case this creativity to others? 

With film and my writing I’ve put my books or short stories on Amazon. With (some) of my film stuff on YouTube. I have about 135 videos up there now. Future plans involve just pushing out everything I’ve done consistently. I’ve created web comics, pop art designs, you name it. But I’ve been hesitant to release many of these things for reasons I can’t really figure out right now. So I’d love to do some short term exhibitions, or put some designs on limited editions of clothing and mix my art and film going forward. What I really want is for what I do to be easily shared. Putting that online in the form of photos/videos tends to be the best bet.

If creativity were banned from the world tomorrow what else would you do?   

Work in a coal mine? I dunno, lol.

Check out his work here:-  or @birdimusprime


Marcus bird is a writer, filmmaker and photographer who was born in Kingston Jamaica. He is the author of three books including the coming of age tale Sex, Drugs & Jerk Chicken, the fast paced Tokyo story Naked As The Day and a contemporary Jamaican story, Kingston Nights. He also keeps a regular web presence with his video series Birdimus Presents on YouTube and showcases his art and photographs from his travels both locally and internationally.


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