Jodane Thomas on C.R.E.A.T.E

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C.R.E.A.T.E presents Jodane Thomas
C.R.E.A.T.E presents Jodane Thomas

She is a “Creativist” in these ways:- Visual Arts and Poetry.

What do you love about creativity?

I love the fact that you can be creative with just about anything, from the way you comb your hair to the way you design your home, clothes and car.

What inspires your creative form?     

As a visual artist, I’m inspired by other persons displaying their creative talent, like someone showing pictures of beautiful or interesting pieces of art; or by interacting with fellow artists. There are times when I am inspired by people and photographs of people. For instance I’ll be out and see someone or I’d be on facebook and see a photo and I get this rush of excitement and I think, “oooooooo I’d draw you”. Then there are times when the simple impressive complex creativity of nature inspires me, after all, God is the master artist. Unknown to many, I do write poetry. My poetry is personal and general and is inspired by my environment as well as personal experiences.

How have you show cased or do you plan to show case this creativity to others? 

I have been showcasing my portraits and art pieces in art shows in Mandeville and I do advertise my work on my Facebook (Landscapes of the Mind) and Instagram (Jo_jenae) pages. I also draw for Stephen Stanberry’s Chronicles so my cartoons can be seen on his page, and as a member of the group Awthentik Expressions I do assist with providing the visual art for the shows that the group produces. I’m very private with my poetry. I think I’ve only shared two or three poems with persons outside of my close circle of friends. I love watching others eloquently and confidently performing their pieces, however I’m a bit on the shy side so I’ve never done a spoken word piece in front of anyone.

If creativity were banned from the world tomorrow what else would you do?   

I would curl up in a corner and cry. Art isn’t something I do, it’s a lifestyle. I’m actually a trained Social Worker (Bsc). I completed my degree while completing studies in Visual Art.

Check out her work here:-

Landscapes of the Mind
This is the link to my Facebook Page that I share with fellow artist Keneil Honeyghan.

Website that I share with fellow artists Vicky Buddoo-Fletcher and Keneil Honeyghan


Jodane Thomas is the second of two children from the garden parish of St. Ann. She’s always done artistic things. For example, draw and cut out persons and furniture from cereal boxes despite having dolls while growing up. She’s also something of a book worm which gives fuel to her interesting imagination. She’s been a member of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church for most of her life and actively works in the church’s youth department. After completing high school, she went on to pursue studies in Social Work and Visual art at NCU. She is now considering a route in architecture as well.


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