Jodian Wray on C.R.E.A.T.E

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C.R.E.A.T.E presents Jodian Wray
C.R.E.A.T.E presents Jodian Wray

She is a “Creativist” in these ways:- Planning, Writing and Drama.

What do you love about creativity?

It allows an individual to showcase their talent. Only you can do what you do and that which makes it unique, and therefore a reflection of self.

What inspires your creative form?     

Feelings, basically what goes on around me and in the world on a whole. Experiences with friends are also a factor and I write on anything that affects me and the society.

How have you show cased or do you plan to show case this creativity to others? 

I’ve always written for myself. I’ve never thought of doing it publicly until recently I started to realize that I need to do something that will make me happy. I’ve been incomplete in my job selections, because I had no passion or love for it, but writing makes me feel better.

If creativity were banned from the world tomorrow what else would you do?   

Go back to something I used to do before, or find a way to present my creativity in a different way. I would aim however to be true to my beliefs.

She presently has no public works online, but hopes one day to share.


Jodian Wray is 29 year old Gemini, a lover for nature and country life. who has now decided to go after what makes her happy regardless of fear. A current debt collector for the Student Loan Bureau, who enjoys spending time with family and friends. Born and raised in St Ann she adores simplicity as single mother of one.


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