Rant Like You Can

Everyone has had their share of bad days,
encounters that they’d rather not wish to speak of
and surely, you have your reasons, but….
here’s what you’ve never had, A RANT BUDDY!

It may sound crazy, but trust when I say that,
it helps.

It stems those thoughts that must not be named,
releases pregnancies before their nine month term.

A rant buddy gets out those deep dark refurbishments
that happen to your mind, heart and soul.
The patches that you keep sewing up, over and over.
The holes which reignite with blood to gush and cover.
The restrictions that hold tight and squeeze till blue.

Rant and rant to me, him, her, it, they, them.
Rant like you can and can’t stop.
Rant like your last breath on earth depends on it.
Rant for you can and rant for you can’t bear not to.

Let it out and let it lose itself in life’s whispers of rantings.


Photo Credit: gathh.wordpress.com

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7 thoughts on “Rant Like You Can

  1. We should not bury something within. Then the unhappiness only grows and poppse up at probably not in appropriate moments, when nobody understands. But we need to be careful that during that rant we don’t cause damages…

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      1. I also think that everyting happens for a reason and even when damage is done… it has it’s meaning… 😉 So I go with you, Gravity! 🙂 Most of all we really shouldn’t swallow our anger.

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