Towel’s Dirty

Our problem is that we wash the things we should throw away.
– Gervanna Stephens

Many times in our lives, we are surrounded by filth without even being aware of its presence. We are at the bottom of a falls that is overrun by garbage and ills rushing down toward us with power and vehemence. We are for all intensive purposes, trapped. Stuck feet first, in struggles which physically bear no holding on us, but charter our minds and emotions like regular 24/7 taxi services. We are slaves to a calling that call us to no good.

Because we wash and rewash and reuse the things better left thrown out of our lives. It’s human nature really; to nurture our bad habits. We fall into the trap of use, wash, rinse, repeat. We become numb to everything around us and our own selves. We falter at living and loving and truth.

What to do?
Throw in and away the dirty towels in our lives. Words are simple, but action is what always get us right back to standing at step one. Truthfully, it’s hard. Anyone who says its easy is lying. It’s up to you however, to figure out when it’s time to stop re-wiping your body with old germs and old problems and do what needs to be done to get clean.

The towel’s dirty. Throw it out.

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