New Times

I think computers are going to take over the world. I need to be ready when they do. ‪#‎OperationLearnSomethingNew‬

In lieu of these words, I remember doing Information Technology in high school and I was fascinated. Completely awed by concepts and just the utter intelligence the machine was waiting to exude. Then, I met upon programming and Microsoft Access and I was nah! This ain’t for me. I regret that now. Because if I had chosen not to be lazy in that instant, I probably would be working at Google now, just saying. Lol.

I have therefore taken the reins into my own hands in a little project dubbed #‎OperationLearnSomethingNew‬

It goes as follows:

  1. Google everything.
  2. Think. Think. Think.
  3. Take free courses online to re-familiarize myself (Alison, Coursera, Edx).
  4. Courses on these sites are hard.
  5. Find an Information Technology Syllabus and Textbook.
  6. Learn that aspect of Programming I missed in High School (get syllabus, textbook, do S.B.A).
  7. Do step 3 effectively.
  8. Get certified.
  9. Branch off into the world of computers and never leave!
    Sounds simple enough right? No! So my number ten should be easy.
  10. Keep at it. Rinse. Repeat

So, there you have it. A new goal I’ve added to my doing my Masters. Wonder if I can finish in tandem with my 2016 already stated graduation date. Hmm? So, anyone up to help me and be with me along this journey, you are more than welcome. Hopefully, I can keep at it with all the walks of life journeying through me.



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