Do You See My Descriptions?

It’s amazing, how just a walk out for no reason can be your best solution. A trip with no significant purpose can resolve stresses galore. Looking out window as ships pass, pedestrians stroll and the whizzing of vehicles hum may be the only release you require.

Photo Credit: © Created Gravity Expressions 2015

The purpose today was simple, just be. Most persons would never term BE as an action verb but always state of being. Today however, it described my state of being and my actions or non-actions.

As the wheels turned, the gears in my head slowed and I felt purposeless and resolved to just take things in as they came. I felt the sun tickle the hairs on my flesh. Heard the wind murmuring as it passed. Felt sweat form and trickle like drops of rain after a downpour. The day was terribly hot.

The night air offered calm. Sensitized healing. Respite despite the different spiteful rebounding of the world. The world was awake still though. Running, skipping and drinking like wild beasts. Driving crazily through red lights.

Photo Credit: © Created Gravity Expressions 2015

I forget to take pictures of things when I’m having a good time.

All pictures were taken with my cellphone, hence the quality, so apologies.

Be Kind and Share…


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