Timeless Mistakes (ft Chris Brown & Jhene Aiko)

The year hasn’t ended yet. I hear people telling me Happy New Year and all, and I’m like nope, it’s still 2015, calm down… Lol. I still have more time to make a lot more mistakes and have a lot more fun and just be plain brazen for some reason or the other.

So I did it again… OH SNAP!

Lol, but yeah I wrote and combined – comedy, drama, voice overs, seriousness, fear, anger, nonchalance, woozy, happiness, sadness, hurt, disdain, flirty…Just about everything in this one piece. I mean what’s better than drunk texting?

OhSnap 2 - Copy
Photo Credit: “Oh Snap” by Created Gravity Expressions ©

Don’t listen to the party poopers who say the year is ended…

They lie! Lol.

Be Kind and Share…


12 thoughts on “Timeless Mistakes (ft Chris Brown & Jhene Aiko)

      1. I will listen now and follow you on there. I got some songs on my soundcloud too so feel free to check it out. I even have a spoken word EP on there, Love In Technicolor based on a few poems I wrote for my book. You can read all about it in the projects section in my site if you feel like it. lol

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