Twilight: The Edge

“And when your day closes off with the sunset, don’t fret because it’s the lighting that focuses beauty.” – Gervanna Stephens

I sat watching the sun set in the distance. From this angle, that big ball of yellow goo in the sky was shrouded in black, grey, pink, purple and a whitewashed blue. With the setting of the sun I imagine endings, commas shortening to periods and statements not questions. I looked on as colours exploded, marginalized only by the pending darkness. The dark was as inevitable as it was strikingly beautiful. The dark could hold as many as a billion colours or more in its blanket of black, for though it seemingly surrounds us, the dark is as far away in the distance as the sun beams. There can’t be one without the other. Light and dark: both work together to highlight the picture and shadow its frame. Thus in synchrony, beauty is cropped into place. Life is focused by what we perceive through the senses, our eyes photograph, our ears record, our noses, our mouths, our fingers all exert equal amounts of energy to experience from the environment. When the sky delved deeper into darkness, that yellow splat finally lost from the sky, my heart thumped slowly, a metronome, as each sparkle of a star was revealed to the world. The moon still low and dull was out done by the millions of twinkles which fizzed out and encircled me. And oh! What a sight to behold as I sat watching the sun set in the distance, middling the edge of a day and a night, through the twilight.

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Twilight The Edge
Photo Credit: “Twilight” by Created Gravity Expressions © 2014

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