4/30 “Kinda New”

I want a new lease on life,
like a new car, new house, new spouse.
I want a new motive to get up in the mornings,
throw on jeans to get to fun kinda new,
new sceneries to view kinda new.
I want a new phone, so you can add my contact kinda new,
new ringtone so I can get accustomed to you.
like a highway opening, tires burning down that stretch of asphalt.
Gimme that new car smell, like leather and amoral,
new shoes smell, like almost nothing and dolce and gabbana stores,
new books, like stories waiting to jump out at me kinda new.
like I was going down that road and you found me kinda new,
like random sampling made you pick me kinda new,
and zero based budgets were our thing kinda new.
I wish I knew all there was to know about you,
but it’s new and it’s true that these things should never mix,
that hope and that longing to be real kinda new,
and explore the depths of ‘wait, where you been’ kinda new.
I want a new that’s just me and you kinda new,
locked away, but we’re traveling kinda new,
I mean, here I am take my breath kinda new.
like hello what’s your name kinda new,
nice to meet you, how you doing kinda new,
call my phone and I get timid kinda new,
half way across the world can’t wait to see you kinda new.
And you rhyme with what I want kinda new,
so it can only be that you knew, kinda new.

4/30 “Kinda New”

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Apr.4_Day 4_Kinda New
Photo Credit: Created Gravity Expressions © 2016

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