11-15/30 “Because I can”

I mount the colonizer’s steed,
throw feet over back and giddy up
into last year’s 1834.
This is their ground,
their field
and the plantation edges on,
for I must beat their test
to move on into Emancipation.
I giddy up into nonchalance…
Because I can.


One hurdle becomes another
a new master to whip and whistle from 9-5,
a new penchant for pay
signing names in registers of bloodied
sweet and regrets of teaching us to write.
I whistle while I work…
Because I can.


Busy like Market Day
streets flooded
people rushing
students drained by now
teachers count down
experience marches like ants through my pen,
erupts like vomit in my mouth and
I only fight…
Because I can.


But is it pointless
marooned in faith
I mount over and over the colonizer’s steed,
not because I rebel, but because I whip
my brothers for them…
so I can.


Break in transmission
put on pause for 48 hours
cancel signal and file bankrupt failure,
bankrupt slavery if only to beat the congo
till fingers hurt and bawl for mothers whose
children live to give life to the colonizer’s greed.
And she is greedy, like Columbus was in centuries ago
and England’s tongue touched down on
ships of souls chartering seas unknown,
48 hours from now,
their Monday begins.


Be Kind and Share…

Photo Credit: Created Gravity Expressions © 2016

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