20/30 “Too Deep”

Your arms were a solace I’d never experience,
but you held me still,
like a master moves puppet strings…

I followed you.

Slowly dance to a tune piped,
reaching for truths that failed me,
Diving into you and your eyes
which drown,

Maybe I obsess too deeply
on a want
that cripples like a witches’ spell,
but I believed it real,
gave you everything to foster
what I couldn’t fake, a belief
that left me that faithless
for I asked and got nothing in return,
knocked and saw doors shut in my face,
sought and found only remnant of my imagination wild.

On the brink of breaking,
so I give into reality’s whim,
but you do the opposite…

replay the scenes

reread my poetic mumblings and
reemphasize that it’s been too long
since you’ve deepened your mind’s resolve, and
so I shall seep into you,
and become a well needed complimentary treat.

20/30 “Too Deep”

Be Kind and Share…

Apr.20_Too deep


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