Is That A GOOD Reason?

Listening to Bernard Roth’s The Achievement Habit
and thinking about my life like a hawk swooping down for a meal.
New habits have already started,
new walks of life are ready to be explored
and I can only imagine how life will reveal itself to me.

Halfway down the runway of Right and Wrong;
it makes me jump for joy
to the thought that the sun still shines regardless.

Appreciate the small stuff.


Don’t sweat the shit that happens in life.


Let the dragon inside you breathe fire.


Don’t reason a way out of your own life.


Be amused by your circumstances and let them amaze you.


Don’t try, just do. Do it. Do it and do it NOW.


Your priorities are the only things worth your time.


Life happens to you whether you care about it or not,
so don’t pay too much mind to the barking of stray dogs.


Your attitude to you is the greatest medium
to change your attitude to the things happening around you.


Be Kind and Share…

“Is That A GOOD Reason?” Photo Credit: Created Gravity Expressions © 2016

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