When life throws you curveballs,
think about how the ball feels before lashing out.
– Gervanna “GRAVITY” Stephens

Sometimes the hardest thing to do
is to see a situation from another person’s eyes.
We often tend to exalt ourselves above walking in another’s
shoes that we completely belittle them beyond repair.

It’s hard,
having a person who was everything
you wanted become a stranger to you,
because for once they decided enough was enough
and they were tired of doing things your way
and it was time to do things how they wanted to.

It’s like a slave master losing control of his precious slaves
and ergo profits will be lost too.
Most times, we lash out at persons and the world
when things are not done or said how we would like
and we put our emotions onto others expecting that
they will forever hold them dear and above their own feelings.

One day the straw arrives,
breaks the camel’s back and it’s hell after that
because the chains are broken,
freedom is blissful and no amount of
second, third or forever chances
can make that slave return; they would rather die.

Self is a hard thing to abandon.
Selflessness is harder to achieve,
but life and relationships only survive where both collide.

Quote “Curveballs” by Gervanna “GRAVITY” Stephens. I do not in any form claim responsibility for the ownership of the photograph.

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6 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. This is so beautiful, i liked how you honestly looked at the situations. The victim, victimiser situation does not help no one. Thanks for this one

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  2. This is so powerful and eloquently expressed. With the recent shootings in our community, many of my non-brown friends have experienced somewhat of an “enlightenment”of their own. This piece reminds me of that!

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    1. It comes in stages I think. The realization that the world isn’t as welcoming and accepting as it is supposed to be. And if you’ve never had to undergo something you often tend not to see what others are talking about.

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