When the Effect is Forever

and I would give of my insides to make you happy, transplant
Kidneys, pancreas, intestines
to pen your happily ever after.

and once upon a time was our jaded forever,
soft kisses and wet lips tied our dreams together
playing doctor and hoping our love didn’t bleed out and splatter.

upstairs and outside
railings and sunlight
forever and lots more
promises of fortissimo.

and our passion was loud like the second coming
a love as real as the crucifixion’s purpose
feelings profound like conjoined twins
our lips a melded pot of boiling glue
the last letter of the alphabet continued with me and you.

and for me the effect reels and rivets and runs through my head,
I sit like a writer before keys and forget that inspiration sleeps in my bed.

When the effect is forever
“When the Effect is Forever” Photo Credit: Created Gravity Expressions ©

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2 thoughts on “When the Effect is Forever

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