I’m Willing to Wait for It…

Love doesn’t discriminate
Between the sinners
And the saints
It takes and it takes and it takes.

-Aaron Burr, “Wait For It” from Hamilton

Good things come to those who…?
And I’m ready for my package sent from wherever.
Because I’ve been standing here forever,
till jogging on the spot has become second nature.

Life is mine,
maybe you experience it too,
but I am the one keeping the bed warm
and it must prove that discrimination is real
because we all experience different parts of covered sheets and soft pillows.

But running in place gets me nowhere,
and wait, yes I should! But…
there’s got to be a reason right?
Why I’m still alive?
Why love is on my side?
Why life lies in my bed snuggled like a comma?
Why death is a distant curiosity?


I control only me,
not those who run and turn the game upside down,
not those who howl at the moon,
not those who move through the ranks as if nonexistent.

I control my shyness, hesitancy, perception, restraint.
My winnings and losses.
My stakes and payouts.

And as I read these letters from myself to myself,
I lay in wait,
knowing the difference between stagnancy and purposeful greatness.

Be Kind and Share…



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