What’s Next?

My thoughts are often abstractions.
I’ll share the most personal detail about myself
and no one will understand it because of the archaic
and often understated language that my mind uses.

I was looking through my Whatsapp contacts
and it was amazing to just scroll through and
look at the different statuses and pictures.
Representative of the different personalities,
perspectives and views on life and living.

How is this necessary to my post?
Well here goes,
I finished my M.A. in Educational Administration,
and it shocks most people because their first response is always,
“wow, so you must be really smart to do that so young?”
and I’m always like, “uhm, no, no, no, not today Satan.”
In my head I do that of course, but
normally I just smile creepily and wave.200

So what now?
I did this awesome thing according to people,
and now I have no idea what the purpose of it was.
Yes, I have another accolade behind my name,
but who cares?
I can’t walk into a bar and say treat me better
because I have two degrees, like what the hell!? No!

Yes, I did something, but the world doesn’t care.
Frankly neither do I.
And it amazes me that people actually make
big damn deals about accomplishments.

I mean, maybe I was given the humble gene,
I don’t know, but it just doesn’t matter.
I’m still GRAVITY regardless,
still little old me, still always bored,
lazy and inspired at the weirdest times of the day.

“So what’s next?” 
This question keeps being asked of me,
and my response is always the same,

200 (1)

But what I really wanna say is,

“I am 23 years old, I wanna screw up my life,
find myself again and frankly just be, like the verb yes,
and write my sorrows away in liquored ink and watch TV series
and crush on actors I’ll never meet and probably visit Antartica
because I’m sure I prefer penguins to the human race,
and sniff glue, build a spaceship and totally just rent it out,
cuz isn’t the world supposed to be ending?
I don’t know anymore, there have been so many theories,
and I’m positive I’m now an agnostic,
but who really cares,
I mean I seem perfectly okay and you’re right…
so what’s next? EVERYTHING

200 (2)

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3 thoughts on “What’s Next?

  1. when I say that I literally had this EXACT same conversation a few hours ago, I’m not bullcrapping you. I was reflecting on this stay at home mom that I know who completed her MBA with no intention of working a career again. I couldn’t understand why it meant so much to her to have it because she isn’t passionate about education. It was a personal accomplishment – but what makes it have so much value? You’re right – your degree doesn’t make you great. You are great because you are Gravity – credentials only provide validity of your greatness to those who can’t trust their own judgement 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I swear I love these words yo.
      But yeah it’s a real struggle for people to accept that no matter how many accolades they have, they are still “just them”
      It’s like self worth isn’t as much without physical proof that can be flaunted.

      Liked by 1 person

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