Years ago your loved was a hidden piercing;
pink and fun to play with.
I allowed you to puncture flesh
and set yourself up a nice cozy home,
you were my welcomed guest;
I your graceful host.

I had to remove you from my life.
The love was short term – part time,
not a clear vacancy in sight.
And I played with the scar you left
till it left and I forgot that loving you cost me.

Today I allowed you to be imprinted
blood, skin and pain as a bold and italicized
expression of my never failing love for you.

And nobody gets it,
and I don’t know how to explain
why I needed to let your love scar me.

You ask me why and I can only respond,
I needed it, like how you crave the air you breathe,
I needed it, to survive, to prove that my life goes on,
I needed it; you.

And it’s not often I use a second person,
The second person to address
my innermost thoughts and wants and fears and dreams.

I’m finally awake,
finally asleep,
finally open to myself, my truth and loving me.

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6 thoughts on “Inked

      1. LOL! I love that. Great decision. The tattoo looks amazing. I purchased a set of Giving Keys last year out of love for a lost family member of mine. I used the semicolon as well and wear it around my neck from time to time :).

        Liked by 1 person

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