It’s never too late,
you are never too old, and
time is never running out.

There are always second chances,
though you should not aim for them.
There is always time to re-do and get done and do over.

Time things less,
experience and savor and suckle life’s expressions.

Time things less,
live in the moment, laugh loud and cry hard.

Time things less,
don’t let deadlines keep you from living and loving.

Time things less,
be non-stop
stay alive and it will be more than enough
look around at how lucky you are to be alive
don’t be helpless
be satisfied, for
the eyes of history are pointed at you
don’t throw away your shot
just you wait!

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8 thoughts on “Time…less

  1. What’s crazy is that I’ve been thinking heavily about starting a new career path and relocating. I have been scared because I’ve been questioning whether it’s too. This came at the right time – one more sign that it’s not too late

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      1. You can officially consider yourself my spirit guide lol! You might need to get SG tatted on the new semicolon :D. I’m just now reading this reply from you and I can’t believe how it (once again) is in sync with what I wrote about. Craziness!

        Liked by 1 person

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