I’m Back At Teaching

So today culminated the first week back at school,
and the beginning of my third year as a teacher.
Yes, I teach. Lol.

Anyway, so I met one of my Grade 7’s for the first time today
and upon telling them my name and such,
I heard a little girl whisper to another,
“Oh God, she has one hand, but wow, she pretty bad.”

And all I could do not to laugh out loud
was to just turn my head and continue talking.

I mean, would it have made a difference if I were “not so pretty”?
Kids do say the darndest things I guess.

Be Kind and Share..

Photo Credit: http://www.beingspiffy.com

4 thoughts on “I’m Back At Teaching

  1. I think kids have no gumption about saying the things that adults think too, but don’t have the guts to say. If nothing else, at least you’re in the company of people who never lie! 🙂

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