How I Learned to Live

Can I just say that lately, I been heights of happy?
And I know that this may jinx it,
but I can’t afford to care.
My happiness is not strange to me,
but it is lasting longer than it used to.
And I know you ain’t following my blog
to hear me bemoan and groan about the ills of life.

I promise I won’t!

I learned to live by shutting my mouth,
being silent at times when anger was ultimately a seductive choice.

I learned to live slowly, stress free, worry free and
as a chastised realist in my rear view.

I learned to live by my damn self,
alone with thoughts amok, feelings powerful,
beauty a beckoning love.

I learned to live by a simple
inhale and exhale
of my dreams.

I learned to live by understanding that
having or not having responsibilities
means nothing if your sponge overflows too soon.

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2 thoughts on “How I Learned to Live

    1. Thanks sis.
      How i did? Is a constant reminder to myself more times than once in a day that being upset hurts me, being sad pisses me off, worrying hurts my head. So I remind myself that even though I don’t need to smile like a crazy person, I.e I love the JOKER – lol, I do need to be content within myself more times than I am not.
      Trust me dear, it’s like I’ve become my own alarm clock


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