Origin Stories: The Stamp

The land of pen and paper was burning.
Down to the ground it went. Trees and ink and all.
The llama saw it first. He bleated and bawled, but no one came to their aid.
It was terrifyingly terrible. A tenuous tidbit of tales.
He wanted to tell his friends, so he wrote using the only surviving scrap of paper left.
He thought it necessary to commemorate the death of the land of pen and paper.
He drew a picture of the city on a leaf, licked it and attached it to his letter.
The letter read…

Picture it. Sicily. 1922.
The city burnt down, but I found out that my saliva is adhesive.
I think I’m going to call my creation the STAMP

And that boys and girls, is how the postage stamp came about…

Be Kind and Share…



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