Crazy. Naughty. No.

Elicit from me the sweetest sound and I will scream and preen to be prim and proper.
A perfect example of posture and postulations left unnerved.
Understand me yet?
I think not, because
I think too much at times uncalled for,
breathe too little when your hand brushes my thigh;
collision imminent.
And it’s crazy to pull over at the side of the road, just to husk out a no.

yes No.
I want to, but I can’t be seen as crude or craving the unladylike.
And it’s like my wants have to be policed and approved by society.
Funny how the naughty in me understands and screams No,
but the crazy in me shouts and does not comprehend your boxes and chains.

Elicit from me my darkest desires, and
lay them out on buffet for me to choose.
Gluttony will overtake me for sure, and
I will be a perfect portrait of self loathing and satisfaction.

My wants crawl back into their heated caves and await to be teased out once more.

Tell me,
why it’s okay,
why this is safe,
why you and I should fit so perfectly, yet so abstractly wrong.
Tell me,
why I should care
why you should be there,
why I should feel and experience the real of it all…reality sucks.

But drag it out of me since I can’t give it willingly,
elicit and stroke it
and tell me why it’s necessary,
this evil
this vision of forever in a simple Hello
this moment of pausing time when your eyes trap mine
this No
this not letting go
this elicitation
this evocation
crowding concentration, and
whispering sweet nothings to me in ears that don’t see
that you are the one and the only
reincarnation of me.

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