Contention is present in any work environment, how you deal with it determines much to society, but what if you countered it and it didn’t count toward your social merit?
What if life and living weren’t measured by the amount of friends you have, the amount of money you possess, your job, family, religious beliefs? Would it still count? Would that falling tree of society’s expectations make a sound if no one measured life by those values anymore? Difficulty is contentious.
Difficulty results in two outcomes: sniveling adults who blame everyone for everything or strengthened resolves of worth which challenge the norms.
It’s the easiest thing to fall prey to sniveling blaming outlooks on life. Easier to give up. Give in. Give your all and fade into the bubbles of the ocean. Easy is not always right. Normal is not always appropriate. Commonplace is not always good. The fucking crowd, is not always just. Just because it is lawful does not make it moral. Society is its own judge, jury and executioner. And who are you to go against a well laid grain, to lay a set of tracks on your own?
Why should your voice be heard when society is still determining if some lives matter more than others? You black? You beige? Orange? Brown? Slightly Asian? Shit, let them look in their big black book of who should go first before they can acknowledge you. That’s society for you. Is that the life you still want to live? Contention filled? Difficulty ridden?
Working with people can be a lurid hell, and who ever wants to experience unnecessary heat and hardship? Why make it harder for other persons?
I am from a black Caribbean country. I work with a throng of people. I am the youngest on staff and I have accepted the undiluted fact that age is a number, maturity is subjective and having a family for these people seems to only be a crock of a cover up because they use it as a crutch to proclaim that they are grown ass folk deserving of respect. I scoff at that really, not because I am a cynic, but because it is easier to negotiate the waters of life when you don’t expect people to be or do anything. They are after all descendants of those two persons who threw the world into sin as the Bible dictates
(If you believe or don’t believe in the Bible, take no offense).
Mankind is flawed. We are selfish beings and it behooves us to try a little harder to be good and kind people. We have to try, because it is easier to fall into the shit storm that is gossipy, pretentious and entitled. We have to try because not trying will lead to an orange country filled with red – war, anger and strife – the calm and peace of a blue nation will be non existent.


Be Kind and Share…


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