Me? What About Me?

I cut my hair on December 30th 2016. Did I do it in anticipation of the New Year? No.
That it fell in line with such endings and beginnings does not negate the importance of what I did.

The comments so far have been really funny, from
Oh My God! to
What the Hell were you thinking!?
Are you crazy?!
That’s a lot of investment to throw away.
Did you get hurt?
You can’t be serious!

Yes, to everyone, I know what I did. I took a pair of scissors and I cut for the sixth time my locks, the only difference now, is that I did it completely and you are all shocked.
I have had locks for seven years, more out of necessity for when I started college and being that I can’t comb my hair by myself. It was ergo, easy to get it neatened and throw it into a ponytail or let it out and go. I like locks. It was easy and practical and kind of cool. I still like locks, I just chose to get rid of them now, not because I needed a change, because really, a hairstyle doesn’t do that. Don’t fool yourself. I just felt a need to not have locks right now and that was the substance of my decision. Full stop. Opinions of it when I told my close friends and family what I had planned to do never bothered me and frankly the IG and FB comments are just hilarious. My hair is cut: I like it!

I like also that it’s the second day of the New Year. Not that I’m a New Years crazy fan, because really, it’s literally just another day in this cyclical existence we go through, but I guess its importance to others is not lost on me. What did I do NYE though? Nothing, I was in bed like every other night reading Fanfiction because I feel like I am now just experiencing my teen years. I have seen the fireworks before, done the whole drunk chanting to the countdown, the sloppy kisses, the freezing to death at 12 in the morning because no one ever remembers to pack a sweater before leaving home. Well, I don’t ever remember. This year I did what I do every other night and it was fun. I woke up maybe at 4 a.m and replied to messages screaming Happy New Year and then I promptly returned to sleep. The only thing I want from 2017, is for my insomnia to just leave me alone.

The concept of loneliness strikes me at such times too, not because I care much about getting hitched or being in a relationship, but goddamn, body heat at 4 in the morning is probably one of the sexiest things ever. Maybe I shouldn’t have cut my hair, then I wouldn’t have been so cold! 😅 😂😅 😂😅 😂 I digress.

I don’t make it a point of duty to write about myself, so 52 essays for 2017 will be difficult to do. I already accepted the challenge though so #52essays2017 here I come.

One down, fifty-one to go…



8 thoughts on “Me? What About Me?

  1. Love this post!! Also, I love the idea of 52 essays in 2017. I’m like you, I really don’t know if I have that much to write about myself, as I live a pretty normal life (and I mean the boring kind of normal 😂), but you have sparked an idea in me that I may try this as well!

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    1. You should try it if you feel the need yes.
      There’s an FB group as well to help us be accountable for our writing. Just type in 52essays2017
      And also use that hashtag to tag your posts.

      Lol at boring life, tell me about it, but hey, I shall write even if no one reads and I shall continue writing nonetheless.

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  2. I absolutely love your haircut! I don’t remember if I told you on IG or not. But I am experiencing the same – kind of – journey. I recently started wearing mine after cutting it down to its healthy length. I actually put the vids on IG to confront my fears. And I’m SO with you on the 4am body heat. Ugh…I need a cuddle buddy lol.

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    1. I saw your hair on FB just now. Love it! and again, Love it!
      Yes this cold neck thing I never anticipated. Lol. It’s like my neck has gotten way more sensitive. Lol. Like I have to caress it myself ….rofl. Imma behave.

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      1. lmfao you are a mess!! I feel you on that though. No kidding. Everytime I go outside, my scalp feels like the Ice Princess is breathing on it. Goodness! We just have to start wearing more scarves lololol

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