Monosyllabic. Argue, Nah. Defend, Why? – 010417

Person A: So I saw a picture of your hair like on the ground. What’s going on? Did you cut your hair?

Person B: Yep. Lol.

Person A: Y though?

Person B: Y not?

Person A: Something must have triggered it.

Person B: Zeen

Person A: If this is a new year, new you kinda thing then no problem.

Person B: Sure, ok.

Person A: Just wanna make sure you good.

Person B: Ok

Person A: Not convinced still but holding you to that.

Conversation closed

And this, is just one of the many conversations that have happened so far, and I don’t argue with people whose first instinct is to look for fault, because they remind me of those die heart Church folk who because of their faith went around killing unbelievers back in the Dark Ages.

Like wtf? Did I ask your opinion, one. Two, if you were concerned about me, how come the first thing you did was judge my decision? Three, accuse me of being triggered. Four, like I’m not my own person without being influenced by outside factors. Five, who the hell do you think you are? Six, I’ll bet you’ll answer my friend, but I don’t know. Seven, I don’t need you to understand, I need you not to judge and place your own narrow-mindedness on me. Eight, did I leave myself so careless that people feel the need to input their concern into my life. Nine, have I ever asked why you do the shit you do? Ten, thank you, but I am okay. I cut my hair and no I am not heartbroken, hurting or looking for a New Year fix or a new hairstyle. I cut my hair and it is my hair, my decision, you are free to comment and like or not like, but please refrain from coming up with reasons for my choice.

One, just because you can’t understand something, doesn’t give you a right to demean it.

Barely there…



3 thoughts on “Monosyllabic. Argue, Nah. Defend, Why? – 010417

  1. Some people have no chill. I cut 20 inches off my hair, I had no reason other than I wanted to, and got way too many comments. Worst part was that my neck was cold all the time though lol. Anyway sorry you have to put up with that, nobody deserves that kind of bs

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