Questions. Outlets. & Meal Tickets.

Somebody asked me today, how it was so easy for me to be upfront and personal in my blogs and the answer was simple. It is the only place I feel I can truly be without judgement. I mean, even if I write something that offends someone, the most that will happen is that I get unfollowed and a bad comment. Though I don’t want that, it is so much better than the stares and looks of disapproval I get in person, and yes I do say lots of “seemingly” offensive stuff it looks like.

It’s hard to please or not please people, for no matter what you do they are ever present vultures waiting for your death, aching for your demise to pitch and eat and have their fill and move on. Nah! I ain’t falling victim to that, so I will write to release and use my words on paper to not raise my blood pressure or speak ill to my elders because I was taught some modicum of respect as a child.

Please note, this person also proceeded to add, so don’t you wanna be famous? My response, No, not really. And the follow up? So why the hell are you writing?!

Like seriously, one I am not very photogenic from my perspective, so the paparazzi would take lots of ugly candids. Two, why though? Three, my writing has nothing to do with its reach. Four, writing is more than a meal ticket. Five, fuck you! Six, inspiration is no deadline to me. Seven, are you serious? Eight, can I go now? Nine, please let this conversation be over. Ten, I write… so what?

Barely there…



9 thoughts on “Questions. Outlets. & Meal Tickets.

  1. You’ve been so feisty in your latest posts, lol. You go girl! I feel you on this though. Writing here is so much safer than writing anywhere else. Maybe its because its a house of creatives such as yourself, you know?

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