Not Yet

13346991_1136837036377773_1941647009900592489_nI don’t know what to write about!

This #52essays2017 Challenge is difficult.



12 thoughts on “Not Yet

  1. Before I started the #52essays2017 challenge I brainstormed a list of possible things to write about. More ideas have come along, but I have that list to fall back on. Another way to come up with ideas is to pull something from the news or internet or your favorite podcast and write about that. Once you have a topic, try making a list of positive things and negative things you want to say on the topic. Let yourself say whatever you want to say. No censorship. You can rewrite and edit later once you have a draft. And good luck! Keep the pen moving…

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  2. HAHA, this is exactly how i’ve been feeling lately! i try to go over what happened in the past week or i try to respond to some of vanessa’s prompts. otherwise i’m like, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO WRITE!

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