Hello. My name is—
Hold up just one minute, I got a story to tell.

It starts off simple. Boy meets girl, they smile and they walk away. They say hi and it’s tentative and shy, they have strange names and with that in common, they think it’s flirty to engage in conversations on pronunciations and origins. That’s how it happened. It was just social media and if they’d see each other, but it was enough to warrant a liking anew and erupting feelings. It was nothing deep, but it was enough.

It was a hey, you wanna jump into my whatsapp? We should totally hang out. Or just talk about hanging out and never do it because I’m an awkward peach.

Things came full circle eventually and I’ve have to say you wowed me and I liked you so much. I’m sorry that couldn’t have been enough.

I was scared. I am scared. This feeling things is hard. I’ll give it a try anyway.

Hello. My name is Gervanna.
I think I’d like to get to know you even though I’ll probably mess this up. I don’t really care for small talk because I never know what to say. You are beautiful/handsome whichever you prefer. I think it will be amazing to know you.

Hello. My name is Gervanna.
I think you’re so brave for going for what you want, but what you want in life scares me. I hate the violence that will surround you because of your choice and that you joke about having kids so readily. I am not ready. I am sorry.

Hello. My name is Gervanna.
I think I have to let you go.

Hello. My name is Gervanna.
You’re no longer in my life and I still think about you.

Hello. My name is Gervanna.
I wonder if your name is still the same too.

Twelve down, forty to go…



2 thoughts on “Greeting

  1. How I’m just seeing this idk.
    Oooooo, thanks! I’m glad it didn’t bomb as I thought. I wanted to send it to the muse of the piece but chickened out at the last minute.


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