For K & T

I’ve never been ill to the point of hospitalization. When I was younger however, my asthma was easily triggered resulting in many hospital trips. I have never slept there though and for that I am grateful.

I have two friends, and even though I use the word friend I don’t think I’ve ever spoken to them. They’ve been in and out of hospitals and I follow the happenings via their social media, but I never actually say anything for fear of saying the wrong thing and not wanting to be a bother.

I was ill over the Easter holidays and my brain immediately went to the worst possible scenarios. In imagining the worst, I also planned out how I’d borrow a fisherman’s boat, head out to sea and totally choose that day to learn or not, how to swim— *insert bad euphemism here.*

It was stupid really and then I thought of these two individuals I’ve never met that inspire me just because, so thank you.

For K & T

You are a Christmas miracle tied in the colors of nature’s prism.
You are a body of hurt but not broken,
mind in pain but still open.

You are heart
blood flowing but never stopping.
You are life.

You are not the tubes attached,
the paltry gown in place
you are not this bed or this surgery.

You are beautiful untethered
You are strong
You are woman

Your experience is every book written
every word slammed or spoken.
Your body is enunciation and intonation
but your spirit—

Well that is,
for I’m at a loss of words for


Seventeen down, thirty-five to go…

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