Full Body Immersion

Sometimes dipping your feet in the waters isn’t enough. New experiences often warrant full body immersion like I often wonder if I am less because of my disability.

I do more than the average Joe or Jenny really, but can I play the drums— nah. Can I text with my left hand— nah. Will my success be based on my cannots? Well society seems to think so and it’s pervasive to the point where when I was younger I believed them.

In the 7th grade I did clothing and textiles and completed all my embroideries myself, but I never did them at school. I failed music because I couldn’t hold all the notes on the recorder and I didn’t bother trying. I failed physical education because I thought I looked stupid on the netball court, while funny enough I’m a pretty good shot at basketball.

I didn’t do things that required me to be exposed more than necessary and I was never pushed. As an adult now though, I realize maybe I should have pushed myself more.

I am enough. I know that now and so at every opportunity now, I coerce myself to jump on stage and say words that mean more because immersion in the act reminds me that I am enough.

Fifteen down, thirty-seven to go…

Photo Credit: http://emakesart.blogspot.com/2012/03/you-are-strong-and-you-matter.html

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